Ark Order (방주지령) Tutorial

When you start the game, you’ll have to either log in or enter as a guest. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be playing as a guest (I recommend using your Google account. Note that there is NO need to reroll. You can farm for 4 star characters, and we’re all playing for the eventual MLT collab anyway, so just hoard up as many tickets as you can.)

Set up and Tutorial

Once you download the game, you have to download some more stuff. Press 확인 to get it going.

Once it’s done downloading,

One of the first screens you’ll see will have 3 checkboxes. I’m actually not sure what the third checkbox does (something about night-time ads?) so I didn’t check that. Just check the first two boxes and then move on.

Check the first two boxes, then press 게임 시작하기 (Start the game)

Then you’ll get to the tutorial. Click through it as best you can. It goes over game mechanics like attacking, defensive skills, and things like that.

Keep clicking until you have to write in your name. It has to be 7 characters or less. Then you get to pick your starter!

Note that your starter doesn’t really matter. The starter characters are all 4-stars, and you can farm for 4-star characters in the game. However, several Korean blogs recommend starting with the water character. Her ability to create and make use of 폭우 or “Downpour” is apparently very useful. Think of it as rain in Pokémon.

I’ll be completely honest. I don’t understand how equipment works in this game. I just kinda press buttons and pray that they don’t destroy my account. Moving on…


Note that the mechanics are extremely similar to Pokémon. The 6 stats are HP, attack, special attack, defense, special defense, and speed.

If you pick the water starter, she gets access to the equivalent of Calm Mind, increasing special attack and special defense. Oh! And before I forget…

USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. I make fun of Google Translate just like everyone else, but if there’s something you don’t know, just take a screenshot on your phone and input it into your Google Translate app. I’ve been using this trick for my Japanese-only mobages, and I tested it on Ark Order just to make sure it works. It does. Use this trick. Please.

There are status ailments: burn (50% attack and special attack down), poison (50% defense and special defense down), paralysis (50% speed down, 25% chance of skipping turn), fear (skip a turn), sleep (can’t move for 3 turns then has a chance of waking up), confusion (1/3 chance will hit self, snaps out of it in 4 turns), frozen (can’t move, has a set chance of thawing every turn). Just think of it as Pokémon.

The Grind and Rerolling

There is a LOT of grinding in this game. Thankfully, this game has an autoplay function that gets unlocked early into the game (not immediately, so just keep pressing the attack button).

The early stages are easy, and you can get through them just by pressing the attack buttons. But as you progress, you’ll need to grind. And that means going to missions you previously completed and leveling up your characters. BTW characters in this game are called 서령, but I have no idea how to translate that. They’re androids. The characters are all androids btw.

Also, like I said earlier, there’s no need to reroll. Because we’re all just going to hoard tickets and crystals for the MLT collab anyway. Okay, hope this helped. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I’ll answer what I can.

4 thoughts on “Ark Order (방주지령) Tutorial

  1. Hope you get your Rangii, bro. Might have to open the wallet for Chii, though – needing to spend 60k stamina in 16 days could be a little dicey.

  2. There are a couple more sites that allow for similar things (and I think many have apps).

    Also, according to one of them,, that third option is a consent for receiving ads at night (quite polite of them, here it would be either a checkbow for NOT receiving them or an already-checked checkbox, in both cases placed at a difficult-to-see position).

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