4 thoughts on “[PV] The Tiger’s Song of Joy

  1. I suppose this is the promo for the novels, given that the drawings are illustration-like and the only logo that apears is that of the publisher. This may some time get an animation, who knows (I don’t know where to find korean korean animation, though, and I don’t know where would they outsurce it, since their animation studios are busy with outsourcings of foreign works).

    Of the girls that appear in the divided screen at the start, I count (let to right) Chii, Narae, Baduk, Ppyeii (check spelling), Smokey, who knows (maybe the fox?), who knows #2 and Saehee. I really wonder who who knows #2 may be, and I’d wonder where Rangii went to where it not because they are most likely the concubines.

    On the story front, we have met the White Tiger and the Azure Dragon, we’ve yet to meet at least the Black Turtle and the Vermillion Bird (given that Rangii is the king, I doubt there is a Gold Dragon or a Qilin out there, at least for the roster).

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